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Jim Kiley

City of Rock Hill
GIS/IT Analyst II
Rock Hill, SC
I work with the City of Rock Hill GIS/IT department on many applications of GIS used to manage the City’s physical assets. I serve as Rock Hills Technical Training Director where I coordinate a team of talented teachers as well as manage an online training system. Both positions are challenging and fun. I have been working for Rock Hill GIS for the last 27 years. I served as the SCARC (South Carolina ARC User's) President multiple times and have recently become the Western South Carolina representative for CURISA (Carolina URISA). When we meet we can discuss topics including but not limited to... City of Rock Hill, CURISA, GIS, Python programming, Arcview 3.2 (good ol' days), Pittsburgh sports, Carolina Panthers, children, guitar, cooking, eating, old TV shows, 70's music, etc. I look forward to meeting you.